Ed Humphrey

Ed at the wheel of a Hunter 40 on the Chesapeake Bay as part of Annapolis Sailing School class.  Early season 2002 at Rocky Fork Lake just after the boat was put in the water at Fisherman's Warf docks. This was the  temporary dock while the at East Shore Marina were being refurbished. This is the full class of five students and the Captain, Instructor during a class called "Preparation for Bare Boat Charter" from Annapolis Sailing School.  Going back into dock on the Chesapeake Bay after a great day in class at Annapolis Sailing School.  
Sailing our of Michigan City, Indiana on Sunday June 17, 2007.  Click here for more pictures from the adventure.  Ed at wheel of a chartered Hunter 33.5 built in 1997 on Lake Michigan our or Michigan City.  Click here for more pictures from the adventure.  Alan and Rose DeJarnette along with Janice Humphrey on June 18, 2007 early in the morning.  By one, when we came in,  seas had risen to swells of 3 to 4 feet and winds of 25-30 knots.  Click here for more pictures from the adventure.  A day sail at Rocky Fork Lake August 18, 2007 for three boats.  Lunch on the mother ship.  Click here to see more photos from the day. 
Ed's summer time activity is sailing at Rocky Fork Lake.  Rocky fork is located near Hillsboro, Ohio in Highland County.  
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