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Joe Uecker, State Representative, Ohio’s 66 District - Having worked with Ed for 14 years as a fellow Miami Township Trustee, I found Ed to be a leader among leaders. His experience in both the private and public sectors makes Ed a superb candidate for County Commissioner. His ethics and morals are beyond reproach and he has no foreseeable conflicts of interest. I am very pleased to see Ed interested in being a Clermont County Commissioner. 

Barbara Bateman, wife of former Oho State Representative Sam Bateman - I have known Ed Humphrey since Sam and Ed worked together as life squad chiefs.  I respect Ed for his integrity and energy.  Ed will make a great county commissioner.  He will do what is right for all of us.  I know Sam would feel the same as I do.

Otto J. Huber, Fire Chief, Loveland Symmes Fire and EMS - I have had the privilege of knowing Ed Humphrey now for over 40 years personally and professionally. From his days as a young P&G professional to his volunteer days as the Miamiville Fire Chief. Ed has always put community first and has served Miami Township and Clermont County well. I know of no one who is more qualified to lead Clermont County into the future than Ed Humphrey. 

T.J. Corcoran, Chairman- Goshen Township Board of Trustees - Political leadership is a scarce commodity, especially when intense public scrutiny makes it impossible for elected officials to have a personal life. In spite of that, Ed Humphrey has dedicated himself to serving the people of his community for the last 20 years. This year, there is no better candidate in the race for County Commissioner that I could recommend more highly. Ed brings commitment, courage, integrity, experience and creativity to the Commission Board. I am proud to serve with him as a fellow Trustee from the neighboring township.

Marion Croswell - Williamsburg - Ed is a hard worker who has already accomplished a lot to help make our County a better place. I believe Ed will do a great job as our County Commissioner. 

Ken Tracy, Miami Township Trustee - I have been associated with Mr. Ed Humphrey for over 3 years. During these three years I have seen tremendous leadership and decision making ability. Proven leadership like this is what will help Clermont County and its ability to become one of the top Counties in the State of Ohio.  I support Ed Humphrey and ask for you to do the same November 4th. 

Mary Makley Wolff, Miami Township Trustee - Ed Humphrey has proven himself to be an effective leader for the past 18 years by guiding the development of Miami Township into the envy of the entire county with fabulous parks, excellent schools, and superior public services. This is why businesses like International Paper, Total Quality Logistics and most recently TaTa Consulting Services wish to relocate to Clermont County. Ed has the skills that will take Clermont County to the next level. 

Gary R. Cooper, Retired Business Executive - Not long after completing U. S. Army military service, a second hardship tour (Major, General Staff with Command of Troops, I Corps), in September 1968 and returning home to Ohio to settle with my family in Miami Township, I was very fortunate to meet Ed Humphrey.  Since that time (38 years), I have come to know, understand, respect, and, yes, even admire Ed Humphrey.  I came to the conclusion very early on that Ed Humphrey is, in fact, a truly exceptional person.  Today, without any doubt or the slightest reservation, I bring him to your attention and, more importantly, strongly recommend him as a Clermont County Commissioner.  With your help, we can make a significant and lasting difference in Clermont County by casting a very important vote for Ed Humphrey on November 4th.  Mark your calendar.  Ed Humphrey knows what it means to serve and his sustained superior performance can be expected to continue.

Karl B. Schultz, Colonel, USAF (Retired) - I have been very fortunate in over 40 years of military and civilian sector service to work with some people that stand tall as outstanding leaders.  Ed Humphrey is one of those people.  We have known one another since junior high and graduated from Milford High School together.  Ed is a life long resident of Clermont County and has a long successful legacy of leadership in public service to the community that means so much to him.  In the 18 years Ed has served as trustee, Miami Township experienced one of the highest growth rates in the State of Ohio with all of the land use and infrastructure issues that accompany that.  I served during much of that time on the Miami Township Rural Zoning Commission and now serve on the Clermont County Planning Commission.  Ed led the effort to build a professional planning staff in the township and is a strong advocate for responsible land use and smart community growth.  The Ed Humphrey I know is a man of true integrity and love of community.  He has the background, experience and leadership skills required to serve you, the citizens of Clermont County, as Commissioner. 

Kermit Beckworth Jr, Chairman Stonelick Township Board of Trustees - I have known Ed Humphrey for the last eight years as a Trustee for Miami Township and as the president of the Clermont County Township Association, Ed’s leadership is unmatched, Ed possess an ability to work with everyone to see to it that the job gets done and done well! Ed Humphrey is the best and only choice for Clermont County Commissioner.

Bari Henning, Williamsburg Township Trustee - I think Ed Humphrey would be an excellent candidate for Clermont County Commissioner. Ed has quite a background working in the private and public sector. I have known Ed personally for the last six years, working with him as a member of the Clermont County Township Association. As President of the Township Association., Ed works very hard doing the extra things such as attending various committee meetings, working with public officials along with many other duties. He is always working to gain knowledge to be able to help others. I endorse Ed Humphrey for Clermont County Commissioner. 

Angelo Santoro, Batavia - I have known Ed Humphrey for over 15 years and have appreciated his dynamic leadership and willingness to listen to the needs of the people and to the planning needs of the community.  He recognizes and supports the cultural benefits of excellent and broad based education, including the fine arts, athletics, the wisdom of our growing elderly population, and the knowledge that our youth will be the future leaders of our communities, state and country. 

Tom Dix, Washington Township Trustee - Ed Humphrey is particularly well suited to become the next Commissioner of Clermont County. He would bring to the position a proven array of governmental experiences and skill sets. Most importantly, Ed Humphrey is an honest and ethic man who can be dealt with in complete confidence. 

Skeets Humphries, Stonelick Township Trustee - As a trustee of Miami Township, Ed has served the community very open minded and in a positive manor since he first took office many years ago.  Ed is a team player and works well with others to come up with solutions that will best impact the community.  Ed has served on numerous county committees over the years.  He has been very active locally in the Clermont County Township Association and also on a national level with NATAT.  Ed has the time available to put forth towards being a Commissioner of Clermont County, this is no longer a part time job as many consider it to be.  Clermont County residence should put their support behind a person who is truly dedicated to a better Clermont County. 

Terry Durrette, Former Mayor, New Richmond - As President of the Clermont County Mayor's Association and Mayor of New Richmond, I have worked closely with Ed for eight years and have found him to be very interested and an active participant at the County level. It's been a pleasure, Ed, and I hope to continue to work with you sometime in the near future. 

Craig Rigdon, Franklin Township Trustee - Ed has represented all townships in leading the Clermont County Township Association.  He is a straight shooter.  He never promises something he cannot deliver. 

David L. Kunz, Monroe Township Trustee - I have known Ed Humphrey for approximately 6 years through his affiliation with the Clermont County Township Association. Ed is the type of person that has never met a stranger and has time for everyone. He has done a great job, as President of the Clermont County Township Association, is quickly willing to attend meetings outside the County and bring back legislative information to local townships. Ed is a family man, with small town values; he has the experience and knowledge of local government needed to maintain these values during a period of rapid growth within the county.   

Jim Rader, Councilman, Village of Moscow - Ed Humphrey's devotion to community service has been proven by his extensive volunteer time with Miamiville Fire & EMS starting in 1968.  Ed was chief when he resigned in 1989 to become Miami Township Trustee.  Ed will provide that same community service through being a great County Commissioner. 

Kelly Kolb, Miamiville Civic Association - I have known who Ed Humphrey was since I was child growing up in the same small town of Miamiville. I never really came to know him as a man until I was much older and started to realize how much local government and the decisions they make affect our daily lives. When the Clermont County Commissioners decided to expand an existing Waste Water Treatment Plant in our town all the citizens of Miamiville were upset. We banded together and decided to fight against the proposal. The Miamiville Civic Association was brought back to life and we proceeded to contact all of our local, state and federal officials. Throughout this process Ed Humphrey was caught in the middle of the controversy because of his position as Miami Township Trustee and his membership in the Miamiville Civic Association. Some of the people questioned his loyalties even though the Miami Township Trustees had no say in the matter. I myself was almost persuaded to believe that he was just Grandstanding but I continued to contact him regarding the situation and he himself stood up in a recorded meeting with the Commissioners and voiced his opposition to the proposed Waste Water Treatment Plant. This would be political suicide for an elected official in my opinion. Therefore I can attest to Ed's integrity and sense to do what is right for the people of Clermont County without any fear of political retribution.  If you want a Clermont County Commissioner who will listen to you as a common citizen vote for Ed Humphrey for Clermont County Commissioner.


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