Ed Humphrey for Trustee


My grandson Seth wrote a class assignment for his 3rd grade class to tell about someone he admires.  He chose me.  It brought joy to me and I want to share it with you.  Grandfather Ed Humphrey

My grandfather's name is Ed Humphrey.  He has three lives I think.  

My grandfather wears a suit every day except for when he is sailing.  When he is sailing he wears his sailing clothes.  He has his hair combed back like Elvis.  

My grandfather has three lives.  He is busy all day lone either sailing, or during the winter he is on the slopes at Perfect North Slopes, on Tuesday that is.  

My grandfather says not to be scared on his sail boat even when we are doing a 40 tip and I feel like I am going to fall off of it.  Now you know why I did this sketch of my grandfather.  The end.  By Seth



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